web-md-generator ================ Create a static website from markdown files easily. What is it? ----------- It is a static website generator. It will takes all your markdown files from a folder and make a real website (Thanks to [jr](https://github.com/Xeoncross/jr)). It will also make a simple menu directly with your markdown files Usage ----- The best way is to get the phar archive from here [web-md-generator.phar](http://cloud.arthurh.fr/public.php?service=files&t=aaf3cdad4a9147fee9ffd4fe96605843&download). Put this archive inside your future website with all your markdown files inside (Markdown files should have .md extension). Finally run: ```shell php web-md-generator.phar ``` After you can simply add other markdown files and regenerate to add in your menu. And you can also simply modified `.html` generated, it's still markdown inside so it will be easy to modify. Change your option.yml ---------------------- When you will generate your website you will have a new `options.yml` created. By default you will have that: ```yaml styles: - "default" - "//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Average" - "//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:400,700" charset: "UTF-8" title: "My Website" menuPosition: "top" index: index scripts: - "js/showdown.js" ``` `styles`: you can change `default` by `bootstrap` to get the bootstrap by twitter style. and add all css you want. `title`: Change title by your website name. `menuPosition`: change by `top` or `side`to have your menu on the side or on the top (only work for `default` style). `index`: set your markdown file which will use as your index.html (don't put md extension). `scripts`: add all javascript files you want (jquery is load by default). And finally regenerate your website by running again `php web-md-generator.phar`. Get a logo and favicon ---------------------- For favicon: Simply add a favicon.(png|ico|jpg|gif) at your root website folder and regenerate your website. For logo: Simply add a logo.(png|ico|jpg|gif) at your root website folder and regenerate your website. Custom your menu ---------------- When you generate you will have a `menu.yml`, you can modify it to set link and/or menu name. ```yaml menu: - { index: 'read me' } #on the left file without .html extension and on the right your menu name - { 'who am i': 'who am i' } ``` Example and demos ----------------- For the example go to: [https://github.com/ArthurHlt/web-md-generator-example](https://github.com/ArthurHlt/web-md-generator-example) Demo with `default` style with menu on top: [http://web-md-generator.arthurh.fr/default-top/](http://web-md-generator.arthurh.fr/default-top/) Demo with `default` style with menu on side: [http://web-md-generator.arthurh.fr/default-side/](http://web-md-generator.arthurh.fr/default-side/) Demo with `bootstrap` style: [http://web-md-generator.arthurh.fr/bootstrap/](http://web-md-generator.arthurh.fr/bootstrap/)